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HELP Our Boys Volleyball Program Have a Season!!!

As you should well know, Thursday 3/4 Gov Newsom and The Ca Dept of Public Health had a court settlement and then revised the CDPH guidelines to permit ALL Indoor Sports.

BUT as of 5:00pm Monday The LA County Department of Public Health still has not updated their guidelines to align with the State's. Unless your district is going to break the law (and good for them if they do!), we can't play until LA County says we can. We have a 9 week season this year, we are about to lose Week #1!! and that angers me, I hope you are too. Remember Boys VB stands to be the ONLY sport to lose 2 seasons!

So in my little VB community, the Twitter- email-phone call campaign target for the week is the LADPH and our County Board of Supervisors, who can put pressure on the DPH as they have before. Please help your boys get back to playing!

Thank you

LADPHphone: (213) 240-8144

Twitter: @lapublichealth

Please follow the latest CDPH guidelines and permit ALL INDOOR SPORTS TO RESUME!


Hilda L. Solis Supervisor, First District

(213) 974-4111

tweet @HildaSolis

Holly Mitchell Supervisor, Second District

(213) 974-2222

tweet @HollyJMitchell

Sheila Kuehl Supervisor, Third District

(213) 974-3333

tweet @sheilaKuehl

Janice Hahn Supervisor, Fourth District

(213) 974 - 4444

tweet @JaniceHahn

Kathryn Barger Supervisor, Fifth District

(213) 974-5555

tweet @kathrynbarger

CDPH has approved all sports to resume with strict safety protocols, Will you please show your support for the safe return of ALL High School Sports and tell the LACO-DPH to comply with the state guidance?

you can also hashtag any or all of the following

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